Олена Ушакова

Olena Ushakova

Motion designer, 2D animator

Likes to experiment, revives forgotten animation techniques and follows modern trends. Participated in contests "Linoleum - 2014, 2015, 2017", "Gogolfest - 2015". She created lyric videos for bands "Contra", "Somali Yacht Club" and booktrailers for "Old Lion Publishing".
Тетяна Карташова

Tetiana Kartashova

Motion designer, videodesigner

Skillfully combines editing, motion design and technical skils - she codes animation. She worked as intern at the TET TV channel. Participated in competitions "Anti-AIDS-2012", "THE NEXT BIG THING-2015", "CYCLOP-2017". Created clips for "RAUXMOH" and "Accent" educational space.

Дмитро Дзюба

Dmytro Dziuba

Graphic designer, illustrator

He is fond of hand-drawn graphics and painting. Likes to look on the world through the camera. Participated in the exhibition "Abstract Art 220", II All-Ukrainian Hand-drawing Competition, became the finalist of the "Biennale of Trust" competition.

Ірина Цюпа

Iryna Tsyupa


Loves her job and does not stop learning new things. Finds beauty and inspiration in the world around her. Is fond of the history of art and film. Participated in the American poster competition "Many Languages, One Voice", took 1st place.
Брала участь у всеамериканському конкурсі плакатів “Many Languages, One Voice”, посіла 1 місце.

Інна Танцюра

Інна Танцюра

Motion designer, 2D animator

She likes to work in classic animation with an animation disc. She has a director's education, which helps to build a deeper and more plot animation. She is known in post-production and has worked with short films. SHe likes to experiment and combine different styles, frame-by-frame animation with translation. Participated in the program "Teleacademy" in 2015 with her own cartoon.